August 2022
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Information Technology-Mission Statement


Information Technology Wing of the Forest Department is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and is mandated with the automation of the businesses and processes of the Forest Department with a view to simplify and make them user friendly, and improve democratic, government and business aspects of governance. Make the department easily accessible to the public.

 Information Technology Wing aspires to:


  • Fully automate the existing semi-automated & manual information processes by developing application softwares


  • Maintaining the data base of the department at one place, under “H.P.  Forest Management  Information Systems” application in the portal, with facility to update the same at the field level.


  • Capture, use and analyse spatial data through GPS/ other hand held devices.


  • Digitise the maps and create location based monitoring systems.


  • Create web based work flows and create a portal for dissemination of information.


  • Establish identity & rights based access management and provide single sign in for accessing multiple applications.


  • Strengthening ICT (information and communications technology) infrastructure from PCCF to FG