August 2022
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Zoos & Aviaries


Zoos and Aviaries form an integral part of the programme to conserve wildlife ex situ and also fulfil the objective to showcase the animals for entertainment and education of the general public, for carrying out scientific studies on Red Listed species and for breeding of such species so as to maintain their gene pool.

In Himachal Pradesh, the varied agro-climatic zones necessitate the setting up of these ex situ conservation centres across different zones to keep the captive animals in as natural a habitat as possible. As on now, there are three recognized zoological parks at Kufri, Renuka and Gopalpur and three aviaries (pheasantries) at Shimla, Sarahan and Chail.

The zoos and aviaries in the state are located at vantage points and have over the years contributed a lot in creating awareness about the very beautiful but less known Himalayan animals.

  • Gopalpur Zoo
  • Renuka Zoo
  • Himalayan Pheasantry,
  • Sarahan Cheer Pheasant Breeding Centre, Chail
  • Educational Programmes
  • Captive Breeding Programmes
  • Supports the Zoos Programmes