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GIS and manual GIS options for aggregation

GIS based analysis: States are encouraged to collect their data sets and undertake their own GIS analysis on the lines indicated above to choose landscapes, sub-landscapes and operational units. Assistance of FSI Dehradun, NRSA, State Remote Sensing Application Centre and academic institutions, NGOs etc with GIS capabilities may be taken desired.


Manual GIS analysis: An alternate option is to get hard copy printouts of a few key layers, and along with existing maps and data, use transparency sheets (or acetate sheets) to overlay key parameters in a form of manual GIS and choose the landscapes for early implementation.


Role of expert opinion: Either analysis should be supplemented by expert opinion from within and outside the Forest Department.


In Himachal Pradesh, the Green India Mission scheme has been launched, preparatory, in 4 forest territorial circles such as Bilaspur [Nalagarh], Mandi [Mandi], Dharamshala [Dharamshala] and Hamirpur [Una].



During the financial year 2011-12, the NAEB has released funds to the tune of Rs. 126.50 lakhs for carrying out preparatory activities against which Rs. 125.59 lakhs have been incurred upto 31.03.2013.


A proposal for Rs. 15.00 crores for the year 2013-14 has been sent to NAEB for approval. 

Maps of Area of Operation of EAPs in HP



HP Forest Toll Free No.1800-180-8097 activated in GIS Lab for taking information about Forest Fires​