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HP Photography Competition -2019

Himachal Pradesh Forest Department

 Wildlife Wing

HP Photography Competition – 2019

Second HP Photography Competition is being conducted by the Wildlife Wing, Himachal Pradesh Forest Department, as part of the upcoming 2019 Wildlife Week celebrations. Himachal Pradesh is a biodiversity hotspot within the western Himalaya and is home to unique and wonderful flora and fauna. The goal of the competition is to showcase the spectacular and varied landscape across Himachal Pradesh and its inhabiting flora and fauna. Through this competition, the Wildlife Wing seeks to identify and award photographers who live or travelled to this part of the country and have attempted to photograph the natural uniqueness of this region.

The contest is open from September 1, 2019 at 12:00AM IST and closes on September 25, 2019 at 11:59PM IST.

The submissions should fit into one of the following categories:

Category – I – In the Wild – Photographs of fauna (e.g. insects, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) in their natural habitats: e.g. animals in natural habitat, animal portraits, photographs depicting behaviour, floral diversity (although submission of individual plant photographs is not encouraged).


Category – II – Landscape – Photographs showcasing landscapes (protected areas, remote settlements etc.) of Himachal Pradesh


The winners of the photography competition will be selected by a jury comprising of renowned wildlife photogra-phers and Forest Officers. The award-winning photographs, picked by the jury, will be announced and awards will be distributed/ delivered to the photographers during the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department annual wildlife week celebrations in the second week of October 2019.

A special award category to identify and honor staff of the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department is made as part of the competition. This is with the intention to encourage the staff to use photography as a tool to document biodiversity and further use of the same in conservation awareness.

Submissions should be emailed to – Contestant Name and Submission category should be mentioned in the subject line of the email (e.g. Rohit Sharma_In the Wild)

Contest Rules and Guidelines

  1. We urge the contestants to submit photographs shot in Himachal Pradesh. Although we cannot ensure this, it is at the discretion of the contestant to adhere to this condition.
  2. Photographs submitted after the contests’ closing on September 25, 2019 at 11:59PM IST or those which do not fall into the specified categories will not be considered as a valid entry.
  3. There is no age – limit for the contestants.
  4. Each contestant can upload up to 12 images with not more than 6 photographs in each category.
  5. It is the responsibility of the contestant to ensure that the entrant is the sole author and owner of the copyright of all the photos submitted. In case of dispute, the entry will be invalidated.
  6. Photographs of family pets, garden flowers, domestic or hand-reared animals, those in captivity or restrained in any way and / or photographs of nesting birds, nests and eggs will not be considered.
  7. Photographs of nesting birds, nests and eggs will not be considered.
  8. Photographs which have previously won awards in similar competitions will not be considered.
  9. On special requests, photos will be accepted in hard copy and information on submission can be sought by writing to
  10. Contestants retain the copyright of the photographs submitted. However, the entries may be used or reproduced by the Wildlife Wing, Himachal Pradesh Forest Department for promotional and educational purposes and each photo shall be acknowledged with due credits.
  11. The decision of the jury will be final. In the event the entries do not meet the judges’ standards, the Wildlife Wing, Himachal Pradesh Forest Department reserves the right to refrain from making an award. Originality, creativity, conservation value, technical quality and composition are some of the key parameters for judging.
  12. Any disputes arising, the decision of the Chief Wildlife Warden Himachal Pradesh is final.
  13. The contestants, by participation, agree and adhere to the conditions specified by the organizers.
  14. For inquiries related to the competition, please write to

Technical specifications for submissions


  1. Photographs that are submitted must have been taken in the last 3 years (exif data should accompany the photographs for verification)
  2. The photograph size should not exceed 3MB.
  3. All digital photographs must be in JPEG format, RGB mode, with a maximum of 1920 pixels (on the longer side) at 72dpi.
  4. Photographs with borders, frames, watermarks or signatures will not be considered.
  5. Basic re-touching (brightness, saturation, sharpening and contrast) of images is acceptable as long as the photograph retains its original form.
  6. If required, the participants may be requested to submit the RAW version of the image.
  7. Any image that appears drastically different from its RAW version will be disqualified.
  8. Stitching of images is allowed only if the resultant image is a panoramic one.
  9. Each photograph will have to be accompanied by a relevant title and description.

Ethical Standards

  1. Entrants must ensure the welfare of the animals they are photographing; and no harm, injury or distress is caused to the animal or to the habitat to secure the image.
  2. Entrants must not deceive the viewer or attempt to disguise and/or misrepresent the reality of the natural scene.
  3. Entrants are responsible for abiding with any applicable national or international legislation and for securing relevant permits that may be required in the process of photography.
  4. If the organizers suspect that an entry has been achieved through cruel or unethical practices, including the use of live bait, the entry will be disqualified.




In the Wild


HP Forest Department Staff





1st  prize

Rs. 8000/-

Rs. 8000/-

Rs. 8000/-

2nd  prize

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 5000/-

3rd  prize

Rs. 3000/-

Rs. 3000/-

Rs. 3000/-

Special mentions

2 special mentions

2 special mentions

2 special mentions





Publish Date: 31-08-2019

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