July 2018
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Himachal Pradesh Forests for Prosperity Project




Subject:-  Draft inviting comments/ suggestions/ views of stakeholders including public/private organizations, experts and concerned citizens.          

  It is to inform all concerned that the Forest Department of Himachal Pradesh Government proposes to implement HP Forests for Prosperity Project (FPP) Una (with assistance of World Bank) with the objective to “improve management and community use of forests and alpine pasture at selected sites in Himachal Pradesh.”

  In this context, the following have been prepared (kindly click the link for accessing pdf file for the respective document):

  1. Social Management Framework-Social Assessment, Social Management Framework and Resettlement Policy Framework
  2. Social Management Framework -Tribal Development Framework
  3. Social Management Framework- Executive summary ( Hindi)
  4. Environmental  Assessment  and Management Framework
  5. Environmental  Assessment  and Management Framework – Executive summary ( Hindi)

by the Project after consultation with all the relevant stakeholders of the project target area and the same are placed in public domain for information and for submission of specific comments.

  All stakeholders including public/ private organisation, experts and concerned citizens are requested to kindly send the comments/suggestions/ views on the above draft documents and such comments should be very specific (indicate para of concerned documents ) crisp, holistic and relevant so that these comments could be considered by the undersigned for finalizing. The comments should be sent through email (word file) to (please mention document name in the subject of mail box and provide details of your name/ name of organisation including contact details/ email while sending comments to us) within one month by 18.07.2018. Comments received beyond this deadline will not be considered.



Chief Project Director,

 HP Forests for Prosperity Project,

 (FPP) Una

 Tele: 01975-225855