February 2016
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Monkey Sterilization Programme


Status of Monkey Sterilization Programme

HP Forest Department receives representations from various channels including farmers, panchayats, e-samadhan, District Grievances Committees etc. that monkeys destroy agricultural crops and posing substantial threat to life. Human habitations mainly the urban dwellings are occupied by monkeys as a consequence of availability of ample left over human food which is easily accessible resulting into increased interaction leading to menace in the form of attacks, damage to crops etc. The farmers are also facing a threat to their livelihood in agricultural landscapes due to damage being caused to their crops.

           H.P. Forest Department is leading the innovative programme of monkey sterilization to control the ever increasing population of monkeys.  Four State of the Art Monkey Sterilization Centres (MSCs) namely Tutikandi (Shimla), Sastar (Hamirpur), Gopalpur (Kangra) and Boul (Una) are operative in the State. The sterilizations in males are done through thermocauteric coagulative vasectomy and in females through endoscopic thermocauteric tubectomy.

Click here to view the progress report of Monkey Sterilization Programme.

The impact of monkey sterilization programme in stabilizing the monkey population is now visible in many pockets of the Stat. The full impact of sterilization on monkey population shall be discernible in future when sterilization of considerable monkey population shall be achieved at the current pace of sterilization.

Images of Operation Theatre of Monkey Sterilization Centre: