April 2017
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About Forest Department

 The Forests of Himachal Pradesh known for their grandeur and majesty are like a   green pearl in the Himalayan crown. This life supporting systems are presently under great stress..

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 Community Participation

 The State has a long history of sustainable co-existence with its wildlife resources.  People have, over the years, found use of more than 600 local plants for their health  care..  

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 Wide altitudinal ranges and varied topography of Himachal Pradesh has resulted in making the State a very rich repository of Wild fauna and flora. Therugged terrain.. 

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The Indian State of Himachal Pradesh is a mostly mountainous area, neighboring Tibet and China in the East, the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir in the north and northwest, Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh to the south.

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